Blues Guitar Night With Hayden Fogle and Doug Yeomans

Arts At The Bakery, 1863 Davis Rd, West Falls, NY 14127

If you close your eyes and just listen to the music, you would never know that the person playing the guitar and singing is only 17 years old. Hayden discovered the blues at an early age while living in Mississippi and started playing guitar just before his 9th Birthday. He was birthed into the music scene at age 12 when blues legend Buddy Guy invited him to play alongside him for a sold-out show at the one of the largest music venues in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. In 2004 Doug Yeomans was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame. In 2001 he won the North American Rock Guitar Competion. The Buffalo Ny Music Awards have named him best guitarist, best country guitarist, and best blues guitarist. Please help us welcome these two amazing artists. Ps - Its Hayden's 18th birthday so come help us celebrate!!